So I really got toilet paper

2014-04-06 04:59:45 by Teddynotes

Should I really be laughing? Thank you Newgrounds.


2011-04-03 13:41:19 by Teddynotes

I plan on putting more work on here in May.
Currently I am making videos for my Youtube channel so if you want to see what I'm up to check it out.

Thanks and have fun.

I'm getting better at this Flash stuff so I'm actually able to make some of the thing's I have wanted to since getting it. I have more plans for hands, bathroom humor, insane thing's, etc...
I have a q though for anyone who records voice and sounds. What's a good microphone for PC? I have had a few of them but I would like to have one that picks up clearer and maybe even be able to breathe while speaking. I hold my breathe as much as possible while recording.

Also I am waiting for Fallout: New Vegas to come out so I can play it :).

That's all. Have fun and thanks.